Monday, 11 February 2008

Our School

Our school:

The school has two buildings, a big playground and large gardens. It also has a gym, sport field, canteen, bar, reprography, a big room for students’ entertainment, medical office, 13 normal classrooms with additional specific rooms, in total, 24 rooms in all.
In 2006, the school Library was extended to create new spaces. Some of them for formal and informal reading and others for entertainment activities.
The school is in the country side near Oporto, the second biggest City of Portugal, and it’s near the sea.


The city of Porto is one of Europe’s most ancient tourist destinations, chosen by many tourists and visitors worldwide. The richness of its monuments and artistic patrimony, Port Wine cellars, and many spots dedicated to leisure and culture are only some of the reasons that invite you to visit Porto. Please click on web site below for more tourist information (

Borough of Porto
Total Area: 41,66 Km2
Population: 233.465


Borough of Trofa
Total Area: 71,71 Km2
Population: 37,581

The borough of Trofa is situated in the region of Entre Douro-e-Minho in the northern extremity of the district of Porto, the council of Trofa delimits at south and west within the council of Maia and Vila do Conde, pertaining to the Metropolitan Area of Porto (AMP), and at north east with boroughs of Vila Nova de Famalicao and Santo Tirso, which integrates the group of Vila das Aves.


Borough of Alvarelhos
Total Area: 6,46 Km2
Population: 3 146

Alvarelhos is a land rich with historical, archaeological and ethnic folklore. Its main activities are agriculture, textile industry, extraction of kaolin, civil construction, dying industry and metallurgy.

In Alvarelhos, the presence of human beings first left their marks in the castrejo period, and continued into the medieval roman and as it has demonstrated by the systematic archaeological study of the Monte Grande Alvarelhos, which covers an extensive area which includes Castro de Alvarelhos, which been classified as “National Monument” since 1910.

Monday, 21 January 2008

Rasa Rulevičiūtė


I am the English and Art teacher from Lithuania. I live and work in a small town Sirvintos, not far from Lithuanian capital. Our school is very small, there are less than 200 students :)

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Augusta Campos

Hello! I'm the English teacher of Alvarelhos.
I'll be working with Edite and Ana on this eTwinning project.

Edite Azevedo

Hi! My name's Edite Azevedo and I'm an Art Teacher.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

eTwinning label

Hello dear eTwinning partners.

We have received our eTwinning label. From now on we may start working. Next week we are going to present a possible planning for this project on the eTwinning Space for discussion in a forum.

Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Hello from Italy!

Hello from the lower secondary school of Pieve di Teco! (A small village in the north-west of Italy - about 30 km from the sea and 40 km from the French border).

We are very happy to be part of this project and we too are looking forward to start!

Portuguese School

This is our school We are situated in the north of Portugal, about 20 Kms from Oporto. This is a rural school. There are about 500 students and 60 teachers.
Our students love Arts and they are looking forward to starting this project.
They would like to know the other teachers and students. As soon as the project is approved they'll be able to contact them all.